Fall Fun: September

I am embarrassed that I have been so neglectful of the blog since this summer. Where has the time gone!? I have been working much more these days which means that my precious days off are spent at home enjoying the kiddos and neglecting all of the other stuff in my life. 
Here are photos from our beautiful September fall days in Sioux Lookout!
One of our last boat rides of the season. We boated into to town to have lunch at the Pelican Lake Sandwhich Co. Our favourite!

Checking out the planes at the Slate Falls hangar. Henry can correctly name the different planes (Otter, Beaver, Cesna, Bushhawk, etc.) He loves airplanes!
Good thing Alice is such a happy camper in the stroller.
This is what she’s up to while Henry zooms around every day on his bike!

Biking, biking, biking. 
Alice & Ada

Sweet Sailor on the beach

Enjoying some lovely Fall weather on the beach. 
Loving her cute fleece suit from Uncle Darren. 

Always the adventurer!
Hiking at Cedar Bay.

At Cedar Bay. 
We had some VERY warm Fall days where we enjoyed the sun outside.
Here’s Alice inspecting pine needles with much interest!

Always pulling my hair!

Good thing she’s cute!

Out for our daily walks, with Sophie in tow. 
Henry and Sailor playing soccer. 

Alice snug as a bug in the stroller. 

Alice and I just having a moment by the water.

Blythe – our babysitter extrordinaire, with Henry and Alice
Best Buds… sort of! Hahah Usually Henry is saying, ‘No Baby! No do that! No thank you!”, while she tries to grab him and play with his toys on their walks 🙂
A quintessential Sioux Lookout scene. Fall colours and float planes. 
Snuggling Alice on one of our walks. 

Finally being able to be on my back!

Nice boots Henry! A birthday present from his Nana 🙂

Alice – already 7 months!!

My sweet girl

I took this picture because we were biking by our neighbour’s Halloween decorations and Henry pointed out this skeleton and told me that this was ‘Dad-Dad’! Hahahah

Being a goof as usual.

Brotherly love – feeding your baby sister some leaves!

And then giving her a big hug!

Our neighbour was clearing out a lot to build a garage so every afternoon, Henry would request to go watch the digger on his bike. It was endless entertainment for him. 

Never ending biking.

On one of our walks, Henry decided that he needed to get into the stroller with Alice too.
Thankfully, Alice didn’t seem to mind!

Ahhh – glassy lake sunrises.

Alice and Sailor enjoying the sun on the lawn.
Henry and I on a trip to the Library. 

At the Hub.

At the Hub – it’s a busy place!
This is what mornings look like at our house!

I took this to demonstrate the chaos of feeding two babies lunch at the same time 🙂

Quiet mornings reading on the couch. 

This was before Alice was mobile – it was a brief time where she was sitting up, but not moving. She quickly learnt to army crawl and then crawl along to wherever she wanted to go!

Oh Henry – I snapped this on my day of errands with the two kids.
This is the outfit that Henry insisted on wearing to the post office. 

This was another outfit selection. Sandals and socks? Fur hat in September? Ok…!

Henry just reading to himself in his crib 🙂 

Learning to crawl with Ada
Morning snuggles and coffee with Dad and Henry’s zucchini

Getting ready to start moving! Doing her planks @ 6.5 months

That face!

Henry lining up his bath toys… just a little ‘particular’, like his Dad 🙂

Alice starting solids!

Henry and Alice having a snuggle in her crib

Uncle Johnny and Alice – best buds


Finally crawling at 7months!

Pretty happy about it!

Henry and Blake at the Health Unit getting our shots updated before we departed for Costa Rica

I took this one day at work on a beautiful Saturday morning. I love the light in our hospital. 

My dear friend and colleague Lianne and I both working a 24HR OB call-shift at the hospital.
Pumping for our babies (Alice – 6mos, Natalie – 4mos) in the doctor’s lounge.

In her All Blacks Jersey. A hand-me-down from Henry and a gift from Graham and Lou from New Zealand. Whenever I’m at work and Blake dresses Alice, it’s this jersey and her Revelstoke beer onsie that he picks out 🙂

Henry deep in concentration

Enjoying the fall days. Reading on the deck. 
I love this photo! It’s so Henry. Covered in mud, just taking a break from biking, sucking his thumb while Ada looks on 🙂
The usual! hahah

Henry and Ada on a lovely fall evening

Sweet Alice and those chubby cheeks!
For our 4th anniversary, our babysitter Blythe came over for the afternoon so that Blake and I could go for a long-overdue paddle. We had a quiet afternoon on Abram Lake with Ada, stopping at one of the local beaches for a celebratory bottle of wine! It is these simple moments that make you stop and savour what you have in your life!

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