Fall Fun: October & November

More pictures of our balmy October & November, including our week-long visit to Vancouver where we travelled West for a medical conference. It was a wonderful week of amazing food, great learning (I know, I’m a nerd) and catching up with old friends. We rented a condo downtown and heavily utilized a local nanny service so that Alice could continue her nap routine without disruption, Henry and Blake could go out to explore and I could spend the day at my conference. In the evenings, after the kids were in bed, Blake and I would head out to meet up with friends to gorge on craft brews and scrumptious seafood while the nanny watched Netflix and held down the fort of sleeping babies. For some reason, however, I didn’t take very many pictures! Oh well, here are a few from our last days of fun before the snow.
On the bus in Vancouver. This was pretty much the scene for the week, Blake with two babies in rainsuits 🙂
We brought both kids every morning to the conference for *free* breakfast!

Shoe shopping with Alice

Henry in MEC. It was as if he had died and gone to heaven with all of those bikes!

I love this photo! So hilarious – it absolutely captures the pain of traveling with two kids!

Back at home, biking on ‘Johnny’s Trails’. My brother and his friends spent a good part of September and October out in the bush building a set of mountain bike trails for the community. They were amazing!
Obviously Henry loved it and Blake would take him many afternoons after daycare to Johnny’s Trails.

Taking a break

Alice and I out for a hike!
All dressed up for Halloween! 
Henry, Hunter & Brooks

Trick or Treating at our neighbour’s

Blake with sweet Sailor. Alice was napping…

…we got her up just so that we could stuff her into this costume! So cute!

Such sweeties

Henry started full time in daycare at a wonderful day home in town. We are so lucky to have him with a loving family while I’m at work. Here he is on his first day! I think he did just fine 🙂

Can you believe this!? Sunny blue skies on November 4th!!

Our last beach day of the year.

Alice and Ada on our front lawn

Inspecting every detail that surrounds her.

Beautiful sunset

8 months! Goodness! 

I finally got around to finishing Alice’s nursery.
Here she is in her crib with her Kenspeckle Letterpress prints on her wall.
Even before Alice was born, I had been secretly hoping for a girl so that I could buy these prints from this Minnesotan artist. The series is call the Trapper’s Daughter and depicts a strong, redhaired woman, barefoot with her woodland companions on all sorts of adventures. I was so excited to have a redheaded daughter of my own to gift these pieces to!

Because of my crazy work schedule, we couldn’t find a free weekend to throw Henry a birthday party until an entire month after his actual birthday! Thankfully, he didn’t seem to mind 🙂

Moms and babies at Henry’s party

So many kiddos!!!

Tal, Henry and Eytan

The cake! Of course, I didn’t make it. I was working three straight days of OB call ahead of Henry’s party and after going off call, I picked up this fabulous cake instead of stressing about making something for his birthday.

Hanging out at Henry’s party
On this beautiful, sunny November afternoon, Blake and I got out our kitesurfing rig thinking that maybe we’d just try it out on our lake. Who were we kidding?! The water was WAY too cold!

Alice having a swing on a sunny afternoon
Cruising in the stroller while Henry bikes around

Away he goes!

What a goof!

New wheels, lent to us by Auntie Lianne

Henry taking Alice for a ‘walk’!

Just hanging out in the yard!

Blake took this of me and the kids. A typical pre-work breakfast where I’m trying to feed, Henry, Alice and myself simultaneously. 
Learning to pull to stand, right at her 8 month birthday!

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