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May she be well

In the end, it was her eyelashes that broke me. Impossibly long, feathered midnight against pale skin. The tips, crescendoed upwards with perfection. Those eyelashes, masking the horror of what lay beneath. As the solo physician covering our local ER overnight, I was called… Continue Reading “May she be well”

For Joyce

“Hey there, you the doc coming with us on this medivac?” a young pilot throws out casually through my open driver’s side window. It’s 3am. The lights from the ER ambulance bay cast shadows across the deserted hospital parking lot. His long, dark eyelashes… Continue Reading “For Joyce”

Covid anniversary

One year ago. Just twelve months, but seems like a lifetime. A year ago, Alice was ripping the slopes at Whitewater. A year ago, the kids hugged their babysitter without reservation. A year ago, Blake and I had apres-ski beers at a packed pub,… Continue Reading “Covid anniversary”

Just good Enough

At the bathroom sink, I stand motionless, my toothbrush poised mid-air. Minty foam slides down from the bristles onto my hand, ignored as a silent sob catches in my throat, pulling at my chest and stealing my breath. I stare hard at my reflection… Continue Reading “Just good Enough”

Just Listen

“Please start by telling me your name and what you do,” the woman requests in a clinically-intoned, French-Canadian accent. “Well, my name is Celia Sprague and I’m a rural family doctor, ” I reply hesitantly. “I primarily do maternity care and acute care in… Continue Reading “Just Listen”

Let’s Play

“Mommmmm!” Alice exclaims giggling. “What are you doing?!” Eyes wide, with a huge smile plastered onto her face, Alice watches me in wonder. Her expression is caught between utter surprise and jubilation. Uninhibited and undeterred by Alice’s giggling protests, I shimmy across the hardwood… Continue Reading “Let’s Play”

Summer Sisters

The moment my paddle hits the surface, everything changes. My muscles stretch and contract, lengthening and pulling against the glassy, indigo water. With every stroke, I feel the suffocation of my endless worries mercifully subside. Each apprehension is packaged neatly into its own droplet… Continue Reading “Summer Sisters”

back to school

The shift is often subtle, but never unmistaken. The nights bring its refreshing cool air which then lingers past dawn like an unwelcome overnight guest. The vital rains that quench eager garden beds arrive more often, driving chubby beach babes indoors to smear glitter… Continue Reading “back to school”

500 feet above the ground, the floatplane is jostled by the gusting winds as we fly directly into a front of driving rain. My stomach pitches and I close my eyes, concentrating on my breath. A bead of sweat lazily wets a trail down… Continue Reading “”

Daring to be

Standing at the kitchen sink, I stare blankly out the window into the blue-sky, spring morning. My fingers feel cool as they grip the edge of the dark, stone bowl. I am holding on for dear life. My chest rises against an unseen weight… Continue Reading “Daring to be”