Winter Wonderland

It’s 6am on Christmas Morning. I am alone, in the dark, enjoying a quiet moment with my coffee. At 4:30am, I had dashed out the house to attend a beautiful delivery of the Christmas baby at our little hospital. When I arrived home, instead of crawling into bed, I decided to brew a pot and cuddle up with Ada on the couch to soak in a rare moment of peace. The tree is set, the gifts are out, and all is ready for a celebratory Christmas morning. Fingers crossed the babies will hold off just for a little while this morning!

Here are a few pictures of our snowy season here in Sioux Lookout so far!

Our neighbour’s blow up Christmas display!

Meeting Santa. No tears, but no smiles either

Out for lunch at our favourite sandwhich shop in town. Babies are always welcome and you’re bound to run into everyone you know, including your brother!

Henry and his ‘Scary’ book. He loves Richard Scary’s ‘Cars & Trucks and things that Go’ book. Every night, after his bath, he sits on the couch carefully inspecting the pages for ‘Goldbug’ 🙂

Our two babies!

Reading with Auntie before bed

With the snow here, ski season is upon us which means every day, Henry goes skiing. He even wears his boots inside!

Alice & Sailor in their sleighs for our snowy walk

Happy girl!

Auntie giving the kids a bath. This is usually what bathtime looks like! Alice is always just chilling out while Henry splashes, yells and generally jumps about!

Blake was away in Thunder Bay and I had a work meeting to attend (with Alice), so Auntie was babysitting Henry. I came home and everyone was dressed up in their jerseys and playing baseball in the house!! Auntie is so fun!

Since the sun sets so early now, our new evening routine goes something like this:
– pick up from daycare @ 4pm
– skiing
– dinner @ 5:30pm
–  night skiing (with the help of flood lamps)
– bathtime
– reading
– bed @ 7pm

Alice is always so happy!
The jackets at the doctor’s lounge. I took this as the hallway was full of parkas, big Sorel boots and leather mitts from the North.

Two cuties in the bath
Alice & Henry on the wall

What a cutie. Everyone loves a baby after the bath.
Babies in the bath
Alice has grown to share Henry’s love for blueberries. Between them, they eat their weight in blueberries daily. Thank goodness we have 10 freezer bags full of local, wild blueberries in our deep freezer!
Saturday mornings
Henry is so good at playing independently these days. He’s so grown up!
Picking Henry up at daycare. Our amazing daycare teacher, Andrea with her little charges. 
Thankfully they don’t seem to mind being smushed together on the sled!
In early December, I took a whole weekend off and went out of town to Thunder Bay with my girlfriends. It was the first time I had left Alice. For 48hrs, I was sans bebes. It was AMAZING! haha
Truly though, it was a wonderful little break to eat good food, laugh, cry, vent and share with my friends. I don’t have many pictures of the weekend, but here I am trying to pack while Alice destroys my dresser!
What do ladies do in hotel rooms? Drink wine and dance of course!
Pretending like we are 22 again…!
As Alice grows, Henry and Alice are starting to interact more and more. Henry still isn’t a huge fan of Alice touching his things but generally he is very good with her. 
Bundled up to enjoy a beautiful, blue sunny day
On the frozen Abram Lake

Nine months!

I don’t think this card is going to last to 12 months!
Happy smiles!
Very interested in everything. And those cheeks!!!
At Auntie Bacon (Megan’s) house to make Christmas cookies with my friends Lianne and Stu’s boys
Pretty artistic icing 🙂
Alice has started standing alone without holding onto anything. We were hoping that she would start walking on Christmas Day like her brother last year…!
Blake calls my friends and I a bunch of nerds because we get together in the evenings, share snacks, wine and discuss medical journals! This journal club was during a power outage so it was done by candlelight!
Early mornings with Alice after nights of deliveries. Thanks goodness for coffee!
Reading to his giraffe
Alice and I finally able to hike out on the ice
With the ‘Little People’ school bus – a toy that I had as a child
Our Christmas dinner for the medical students and their families at a local restaurant in Sioux Lookout
At Jazz Night at the local Legion – my brother is the drummer! He’s a pretty big deal 🙂

Alice, Ada & I on the ice as the sun goes down
Blake building a rink
Alice & I, not really helping!
No baby in my belly this year!
Trying to get read for a work – Henry is climbing all over the sink while Alice is trying to get into the toilet. UGH. Being a working Mom…
Henry now only skis with his poles. He INSISTS on being just like Dad-Dad.
Being a working Mom also means dragging Alice to meetings and OB rounds. She’s thankfully so good as long as I bring lots and lots of snacks!
Henry keeps insisting that he needs ALL of his toys in his crib to sleep…
Hanging out in Henry’s room 
Henry has reverted back to being a baby. He uses the Jolly Jumper to work on his ski tricks and jumps!
Alice waiting for the chickadees at our feeder
I love morning cuddles with these two!

Walking to the corner store to get the mail
Our tree!
Going for a walk in the snow
Alice & I on a chilly winter outing
At the library
Alice is at that stage where she just LOVES to pull things out of drawers. It’s impossible to try to stop her so basically she pulls everything out and then I put everything back which is then repeated ten times over 🙂

The appropriate gear to wear on the potty – obviously! Ski helmet & books and biking hoodie 🙂

Henry and Alice, side-by-side, ready for family dinner

A beautiful snowy morning

Our Christmukah (Christmas/Chuanukah) party was set to start at 4pm on Christmas Eve. This was our house at 3:56pm with both babies sleeping! Win!!!

Alice all dressed up and ready to party 🙂

Henry and his buddy Eytan playing at the party

Ripping the room apart!

Happy Christmukah!

Henry doing backflips off the couch at the party!
Sunset over Abram Lake


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  1. Thank you for sharing your life. We love the pics and can't wait to spend real-life time with you at Abram Lake. Until then, we hope you enjoy a great holiday.


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