A Happy Life

September 5th, 2015

In the busy, day to day hustle and bustle, moments of precious joy are often lost, mixed in with doing the laundry and endlessly cleaning of the house. As a parent, when these occasions happen throughout the day, I often feel acutely aware of how treasured these pockets of time truly are. I make a mental note, and try to will myself into remembering them forever, but they blend into the business of our lives and often are forgotten. This is the reality of the fabric of life – a blended quilt of happy, frustrating, devastating, angry, joyous occasions that make up our existence. Of course, a diligent mother would jot these down in a baby book, but alas, Henry’s baby book has many empty pages.

This evening, after I had fed Henry dinner, we put on some music and danced around the house before bath time. With Henry on my left hip, I held his left hand in mine and twirled and waltzed across the hardwood floor while watching Blake fishing on the calm waters in the bay in front of our home. Henry laughed and laughed while I dipped and bounced him in time to the music, his red curls floating up and down. It wasn’t anything new or different, we had done this routine many times before, but it struck me that it was moments just like these that truly make parenting an absolute joy. I am so very blessed in my life. I often feel incredulous at how we are truly spoiled with a gorgeous baby, a wonderful community, a beautiful home and a happy life.

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