The Good Life: Summer (July)

It seems like every September, my once beautiful 5am sunrise ritual morphs into me sitting in the dark reminiscing about summer while going through photos for the blog. 
As usual, I’m way behind, but it’s only because we have had such a fantastic, low-key summer and spent every minute possible enjoying the sun.  Compared to last summer, we virtually did zero planned activities. Aside from my women’s-only canoe trip, and work, my July was mostly spent at home with the kiddos!
From jammies, into bathing suits and then back into jammies. These were our perfect summer days. 
Canada Day at our brand new community park

Henry, of course, just wanted to go to the top of the climber…

…which he did 🙂 
Trying out Hunter’s trike
At the beach in her jammies. I love summer days that start and end with playing on the beach. 

Henry and Alice cuddled up on the swing together

Big smiles!
Henry & his buddy, Eytan planning lawn badminton. How civilized!

Jupiter the dog supervising the kidlets in the tent hammock
Watching Dad-Dad windsurf

A summer morning at Ruby Island.

Picnic at Ruby Island
After a day of swimming, having dinner naked on the deck is the best way to go!


…and running!
Eating an apple while Dad-Dad sails and Auntie Meghan takes Henry for a paddleboard ride

Beach buddies

Pre-bed frolic in the sand

Auntie reading some goodnight books while Henry watches biking/skiing/Paw Patrol
Another beauty July day at the English River 

Alice supervising the boys fishing

Picnic time!
A beautiful calm day at our beach
Alice and I lounging in the hammock
Evening swim!

Henry endlessly playing on his excavator
Taking the boat to dinner at the Forest Inn

Dinner on the patio with friends!
Our first sail as a family of 4 (plus Ada, of course)

Afternoon naptime is the BEST! Once Alice went down to one nap, it was great to be able to have some downtime

Calm mornings

Hanging with Ada & Henry
Waking up at 5am to workout, is ONLY possible because I get to read and drink my coffee, while watching the sunrise!
Summer days!

Alice doing her own beach yoga

Best buds some days 🙂 
Henry in the bath wearing his ‘sweet goggles’. He puts the on himself then splashes around 🙂 
July was full of fishing dates. I’m terrible at catching anything, but I love being out on the water with Blake, watching the eagles and occasionally actually catching a walleye myself!

Ada trying to get at my only fish 🙂 

Thankfully, Blake catches way more than I do, so that we can usually eat fish for dinner multiple times a week
Our month of July was spent at home, every day. I took some time off work to have a ‘stay-cation’. So many days looked like this. In our bathing suits, on the beach playing with the kids next door. It was awesome to have such low-key days. 

Henry, Brooks, Sailor & Alice

Alice on her beloved slide

An exceptionally beautiful Sunday afternoon – tubing, swimming, playing!

Henry collecting giant leeches in a bucket. EW!

“Here you go Mom!” No thanks, Henry!

Three buddies – Henry, Alice & Sailor
Hurray! The blueberries are here!!!! This year we bought 60L of blueberries! Thank goodness we have a deep freezer 🙂
Henry and Sailor swimming despite a big storm brewing beyond the lake

 A stormy day – perfect for windsurfing for Blake

Calm lake after the storm 

Henry with his buddies from next door – Hunter, Sailor & Brooks. What a cute crew 🙂

 Blake taking Ada for a windsurf

Of course, everyone needs a banana boat for you and all of your buddies!

 A beautiful summer night for a picnic dinner! Still in swimsuits 🙂

We love you Auntie!
Post-dinner evening swim

For so long, Henry wouldn’t go into the water past his knees. Then just suddenly, one day, he decided to swim! And then away he went 🙂 

Cheese! Hurray for summer days!
When it’s too hot to sleep, drink wine and eat blueberries on the deck!
My 5am wake-ups for my workouts are 100% motivated by the ability to then jump in the lake, read my book and drink my coffee in peace!
My darling girl adventuring in the woods

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