The Good Life: Summer (June)

When you live in the land of the never-ending winter, waiting for hot, summer weather is torture! The  ice comes off the lakes and the snow typically melts by May, but those deliciously warm days don’t follow until late July. Regardless, I love June. Despite the rain, the bugs and the chillier water temperatures, the beach days begin and our  new daily routine changes to getting out of our jammies and straight into our bathing suits! 

June was also the month that Henry discovered fishing. He fished a little last year, but he truly began to take a keen interest in it this year. Many an evening, I would put Alice down while Blake would take Henry out on the boat to fish until 9pm. He loved every second of it and would never be bored or fussy. It’s always a hoot to fish with Henry as he has the same running script with every cast. It goes a little something like this:
H – (casting) – “Mom! Look! It’s an eater! It’s a big one! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh! Mom!
Then as he reels it in and realizes that the hook is empty, he says, every time – “Oh no! It got away!”
It’s hilariously entertaining and never gets old!
For Alice, her love for the water really blossomed over the first few weeks of summer. At first she would cling tightly to my finger while walking in the water, but gradually, her confidence grew and it wasn’t long until she was charging into the water, kicking and splashing and dunking her face! Henry, at this point, still wasn’t so keen on the water so I was surprised at her enthusiasm for the lake.
Work-wise, I had a pretty heavy month and Blake had the kids most of the time, with Henry still in full-time daycare. I realized however, how precious our summertime at the lake was and so I quickly revamped my schedule to really cut back for July and August. Living in Sioux Lookout year-round isn’t always the easiest and so taking advantage of our beautiful spot on Abram Lake makes it all worthwhile!

Alice and I in our party-wear
Kicking off the summer with a BBQ at our house for all of my colleagues at the Northern Practice!

It was going so well, until it stormed…!

Nothing says friendship like a evening skinny-dip

Henry, Eytan & Tal
June was pretty wet. We had a ton of rain and lots of storms. 

Thankfully, we still got outside and the kids never got tired of going out in the boat!

Finally some nice weather!

Beach baby

Enjoying the shade
With Auntie Meghan on the beach
Blake decided that he had had enough of looking through windows that obstructed his view. So, he took them out and replaced them with floor-to-ceiling sliding doors. But, for a day, we had two giant holes in our wall!
Blake and I heading out on a fishing date in the canoe

Another fishing date on the boat with Ada
Sunset over Abram Lake

Alice and Sailor having a play date

In her outfit that Grandma Joey sewed for her

Blake went to Toronto for a few days with Henry to go to a Jays game for Father’s Day. That left Alice & I home alone for a girls weekend! One evening, we had a wine night with my girlfriends and consumed about 5000 calories each of wine and cheese. The best!

My sweet girl!

Out for a walk to pick some wildflowers

At the Pelican Sandwich Shop (our favourite), where Alice is basically the new employee haha

Even on rainy days, we head to the beach!

At the Hub with Auntie who saved the day! I was on-call (phones for the North) but thought I’d take a chance and go out to the Hub with Alice which Blake and Henry were away. As soon as we got there, I got bombarded with calls and Auntie had to watch Alice while I answered the phone 😦 Parenting fail!

Rainy daysssssss
Henry, Alice & I went to Pelican Falls Sandwich Co for lunch one day and Henry somehow wrangled his way into a tour of the ambulance with the local paramedics 🙂 

A library kind of morning. We have now been routinely going to the library every two weeks or so and taking out 20 picture books that Henry will sit and read before bed. It’s great and I love snuggling with him reading.

The BEST part of having neighbours like Keith and Karla is being able to see their kids grow alongside ours!
Here we are for a fish fry dinner. Chaos and ice cream sandwiches!

Hitting the beach

Three peas in a pod – Sailor, Henry & Alice 

How lucky are we to have amazing family in Sioux Lookout. We love you Auntie & Johnny!

Uncle Johnny being a goof!

We are also incredibly, INCREDIBLY fortunate to have our amazing babysitter Blythe in our lives. Our kids adore her so much. We will be heartbroken when she leaves for university in the Fall 😦 
Henry loves Ada, but it’s Alice who adores Ada the most. She calls for her in the morning from her crib and will give her endless kisses and hugs. It’s the cutest. 

Aw sweet girl!

Reading all on her own
In our nerdy sun hats. Sun safety first!

Blake taking Henry sailing. Usually Blake has a beer when they head out for a leisurely sail, so when Blake asks Henry if he wants to go sailing, he will only agree if he is also promised a beer! 
A Saturday morning tradition – blueberry pancakes made by Dad-Dad
Setting up the kite-surfing gear for an attempt at the MNR beach. It wasn’t too successful unfortunately!
Henry’s new obsession – fishing!

Casting for bass off the dock

Blake and Brooks cleaning the catch
My favourite part about bedtime is getting into bed with Henry and snuggling, singing songs and telling stories about the day. I now know why my parents always fell asleep when they put us kids to bed when we were little! It’s so comfy and you’re just so tired!
Alice is pumped for our family boating trip up to English River 

“Go fast Dad-Dad!”
Stopping for minnows at Frog Rapids
Getting the rods set-up

“Ohhhhh! It’s a big one! It’s an eater Mom!”

Dad-Dad teaching Henry how to put a minnow on his hook

Henry’s turn!

Snack time!

Alice & I


Henry’s catch!

Trying to get a lovely family picture… haha yea right! 

My turn to fish!

Our catch
Heading home
At the beach with Brooks, Hunter & Sailor

Alice loves the slide…

Weeeeeeee! Don’t worry, she was totally fine!
Henry and one of his besties, Rilynne, on a pre-bed beach date

Alice and I taking a dip

She is so brave and way more daring than Henry in the water. She just charges out there and loves to dunk her face!

Blake is really just a big kid at heart. He bought the excavator for Henry,
but I’m pretty sure he also really wanted to give it a go!

Nothing says summer like watermelon!

Take two with the kitesurfing gear. Unfortunately, it didn’t end well! We aren’t so great at launching yet and there are far too many trees at the beach.
Hahah, Alice giving Henry a push!

Most days, Henry will wake up and immediately ask me, “Mom, wanna play with my track with me?” It’s the worst when I’m rushing to work, because there is nothing more that I’d rather do than sip my coffee and play Hot Wheels in the morning!

I think we have out-grown the baby bathtub…

Out for a paddle along the shore to check out the little lagoon where there are many tadpoles, herons, turtles, etc. to see

Both Henry and Alice insisted on being in the bow!
Morning snuggles

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