Waiting for Baby

I can’t believe it, but I’ve almost made it to my due date. With only 4 more days to go, my nesting urges have gone into high gear. This week I have officially started my mat leave and so I’ve been at home and feel very oddly about having ‘free time’. I know that I am supposed to relax and catch up on sleep, but most of you who know me know that I have a ‘problem’ when it comes to doing just that. Instead, I have washed the floor no less than three times in a 5 day span and spent the entire morning cleaning the house. Again. To my credit, I did manage to make myself nap one afternoon while Henry was asleep and I have been out enjoying the beautiful weather snowshoeing on the lake with Ada. I even spent an afternoon reading on the couch!

Snowshoeing on the lake with the baby bump!
Boy vs. girl!??! To be determined…

I packed one of each in my hospital bag ๐Ÿ™‚

Having a week off though has meant that Blake and I have been able to spend some time time together without Henry while he has been in daycare in the mornings. We even went out for coffee by ourselves! It’s also been fun to be at home with Blake and Henry and see what mischief they usually get up to when I’m at work.

Blake and Henry’s activities include:
1. Swinging in the Jolly Jumper harness
2. Blake throwing Henry around, doing flips on the couch, etc.
3. Henry zipping across the length of our house on his zipline – again, made with the Jolly Jumper harness and some rope
4. Watching ski videos which Henry loves and routinely asks for
5. Making smoothies together (while Henry sits in his high chair yelling for bananas and blueberries!)
6. And of course, skiing. Skiing, skiing, skiing.

Henry and Blake eating lunch and watching ski movies


As most of you know, Blake’s whole being and identity is wrapped up in skiing. He watches ski videos daily and is continuously planning ski vacations. So, it’s no surprise that as soon as Henry could walk, Blake rented him a pair of skis and got him out there regardless of the chilly January and February weather.

At first, Henry would ski down our footpath towards the lake while Blake or I hung onto his snowsuit. Quickly though, Henry picked it up and soon was going down the length of the path by himself. Then, without us teaching him, Henry figured out how to start on his own when he was ready at the top of the hill, turn and then stop himself by snowplowing at the end of the run! Both Blake and I were pretty amazed.

Blake showing Henry his instant replay ย of his run ๐Ÿ™‚

These days, if Blake even heads towards the door, Henry jumps up and follows him yelling SKI! SKI! He will pick up his ski boots and spend a great deal of time putting them on and off by himself in the foyer. He truly does love it and although he has taken some pretty hard wipeouts, he always is smiling when he’s outside skiing down the path. It’s so fun to watch.

Here is a link to a short video of Henry that we took yesterday!

Well, I do hope that my next blog is about baby’s arrival! I’m getting worried that he or she is just too comfy in there ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks, as well as my girls weekend/baby shower in Kenora!

Always helping Mom

First morning of daycare. I was SO SO nervous! Thankfully, I had to work so Blake had to drop him off. I would’ve been a mess otherwise! He did great though and is adapting quickly to his new morning routine. He is now attending a private daycare three mornings a week.ย 
Henry loves to get into my drawers. The other day, I caught him in my underwear drawer, pulling them out and putting them on like necklaces! Hahah

Very pretty Henry!

While I cook, Henry is always into the drawers in the kitchen. He especially likes the potatoes – he pulls them out yelling ‘BALL!’ and throws them around!
Henry, the bump and I out for a snowshoe on the lake

He looks pretty cozy!

This sounds so silly, but so many times a day I look at this face and wonder how I could possibly love this child any more than I do.ย 

Playing with his cars that he calls “Vroom, vrooms!”

Ha! Too bad that he’s moving in the picture, but I caught him chilling out in his megablocks cart. Just leaning back and sucking his thumb ๐Ÿ™‚

Having a ย snack… putting his goldfish onto his car first, before eating them.ย 

When Grandpa and Grandma were here, they put out suet for the chickadees. The birds finally discovered it and Henry just loves watching the feeder.

Playing with his ‘choo choos’

Hard at work at the library

The bump, Henry and I out for a walk on the lake at 39weeks pregnant

Henry loves to do anything that Dad does – like sit on the ATV!

Henry is becoming more and more independent these days. He is not keen on being fed anymore and will insist on using his spoon or fork which he is getting better and better at doing.

The little climber has recently taught himself how to climb up and down the dinning room chairs. He also climbs up and over our coffee table and tries to climb up any shelf that is available. Yikes!

Trying to be like the big boys next door!

On Brooks’ GT snow racer

For my baby shower, my good friends Megan, Catherine, Reilly, Gabby and Meghan took me to Kenora for the weekend! It was great! We went to the salon and all got pedicures…

Meghan getting pampered
Our pretty toes, bump included!

At the spa which we had all to ourselves, getting our nails done and eating cupcakes!
Megan’s cupcake-eating technique
After our afternoon at the spa, we went out for a delicious dinner, then crashed at our B&B which was a giant victorian home. As girls do, we piled onto the four-post bed, ate more cupcakes and watched the movie “Chocolat” ๐Ÿ™‚ย 
Endless cupcakes!

A tough day of being pampered!

In the morning, I woke up and had the most lovely, quiet bubble bath in the claw-foot tub!
The bump and I enjoying some peace and quiet.
Heavenly! And of course, more cupcakes.ย 

Having a lovely morning at the B&B, being serenaded by Reilly playing the piano and drinking coffee
The ever talented Reilly and Cat, her page-turning assistant ๐Ÿ™‚

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