Revelstoke Adventures Update: Post-op Recovery!

Back before there were just two of us (and Ada!) and I was a brand new grad, Blake and I moved across the country from Kelowna, BC to the small town of Sioux Lookout. Buried in the backwoods of Northwestern Ontario, Sioux Lookout is a hidden gem. Although many would balk at the fact that Blake and I willingly chose this rough-around-the-edges community for our family’s new home, we knew it was the right decision when, within a few days, we had made more friends than our entire year spent in Kelowna. When you live in a small town, people generally go out of their way to help out, support you and befriend you. It’s just how it’s done.

Hiking up Sioux Moutain two weeks before Henry was born

When Henry arrived on the scene, right from the get-go, we felt completely enveloped in love and support from our Sioux Lookout family. From Sunday morning brunches, to family dinners and friends stopping over for cuddles, as a new mom, I never felt isolated or alone. Fortunately for us, despite being in BC, our Sioux Lookout friends have continued to be in touch and we can’t thank them enough for doing so.
Best of all, only hours after arriving back to Revelstoke after my knee surgery, two of our close friends from Sioux Lookout came to our door! Having endured an arduous journey from rural northern Ontario to equally rural BC, Catherine and Megan had spent a tedious day of travel to get to us. Needless to say, we were so excited for their arrival!
Being freshly post-op and couch-bound with a three-month old is no small task. I was incredibly thankful that Meg and Cat had chosen to use their precious vacation time to come to Revelstoke. Their week-long visit made the world of difference for me as my solo jaunts in the great outdoors were no longer possible on my crutches. I would have definitely gone stir-crazy had it not been for pyjama parties on our king-sized bed, lunches out at the Modern Cafe and a day at the spa! Blake won serious husband points when he cared for Henry while Megan, Cat and I went down to the resort day spa. Hours later, feeling relaxed and pampered and with skin as soft as Henry’s bottom, we returned back to the condo to a gourmet meal made by Blake. Talk about being spoiled!

Henry keeping me company on the couch
Cat giving Henry a bath

Cuddles with Auntie Megan

Morning PJ cuddles with Auntie Cat
Pre-spa face masks

Spa day!

Cat is very talented!

Out for dinner at the Village Idiot – Henry was captivated by the ski movie playing on the big screen

Henry, Megan and Morepork the owl conversing at the Modern Cafe
Loving the attention & funny faces from Auntie Cat

Out on the town at the Taco Club with Cat

Megan & Cat on the slopes!

Pizza night!

Before my surgery, Henry, Ada and I made a point of getting outdoors every day. Obviously this wasn’t possible for me post-op so I greatly appreciated the fact that during their visit, Megan and Catherine took Henry and Ada out all by themselves – no small feat that definitely deserves mentioning! After two afternoons about town and hiking along the Columbia River with not one tear shed, I awarded them with friends of the year 🙂

Snuggling with Megan

Triple hug! haha

Day out success! 
Cat & Ada enjoying the great outdoors

All joking aside, when your friends not only witness but actively take part in the birth of your first-born (see the blog post entitled The Arrival), your relationship changes forever. I am incredibly thankful for my friendship with Cat and Megan and hope that they will be in Henry’s (and our) life (lives) for many years to come.

Cat, Megan and I right after Henry was born

Since Megan and Catherine’s visit, Henry has grown in leaps and bounds. Beginning around 15 weeks, Henry’s whole world has seemed to open up in just a matter of days! He has really started to notice his surroundings in ways that he hadn’t before. He now will smile at Blake and I from a different room and will follow our movements about the condo. He also recently ‘discovered’ Ada, despite the fact that she has been by his side his entire life. He loves to watch her and touch her fur. It has been hilarious watching Henry discover different parts of his body like his feet and his tongue!


In terms of his motor development, he now can easily pick up a toy and put it in his mouth, roll from his back to his tummy, and when put on his belly, he will dig his toes in and push himself forward. Just a few days ago, he began to sit unassisted in a tripod position. Henry has also graduated from his bassinet to a crib and not infrequently, we will find him in flipped over and in a completely different end of the crib from where he started when he wakes from a nap. He is a mover!

Sitting up all alone!

Blake has also been continuing to train him for the next ski season. Despite my protests, Henry can now do a 360 and loves every minute of it!

Best of all, he has consistently started to laugh, especially when you dance around with him to music. I have always loved being with him, but even more so now, it is a great deal of fun to interact with him and to discover what he likes.

As our days in Revelstoke dwindle and my return to work looms, I have been soaking in every minute with Henry. Although the milestones are exciting, it has been the every day moments that I enjoy the most. Making Henry laugh and smile while changing him, being greeted with his huge smile first thing in the morning, holding his tiny hand while nursing him… I could go on and on. Blake and I are incredibly fortunate to be parents and not a day goes by that I don’t feel thankful that Henry has changed our lives and our relationship for the better.

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