Sunrises, sunsets and northern lights

Life with Henry over the past 10 days have flown by. So much has happened, yet it seems like I have done very little! I can’t remember a time where I was at home so much and have spent so much time continuously with Blake. It has truly been a wonderful break from my busy previous life of beeping pagers, ringing cell phones, lunch on the run and not being able to go to the bathroom when I want to! Gone are my days filled with complicated patients and challenging clinical problems. Life has greatly simplified and although I love my work as a family physician here in Sioux Lookout, I have to admit, it is a much needed ‘vacation’!

Our days have slowly fallen into somewhat of a pattern dictated by the preceding night. Although breastfeeding has been a bit of a challenge for me, thankfully Henry is a fantastic eater and a really great sleeper. He nurses every 3-4 hours allowing me to get bits of sleep through the night. It’s a little bit like being on-call constantly, except when I am up I get to stare at my sweet boy’s face instead of being thrown into a stressful situation!

Morning cuddles

My favourite moments have been in the morning when Blake, Ada, Henry and I all cuddle up on the bed. While Blake and I drink our coffee and read the news, I nurse Henry, then pass him off to Blake for cuddle. Blake has been getting excited for the upcoming ski season and has already started to introduce Henry to the world of skiing by watching ski videos 🙂

Good Morning!
Everyone in the bed!

Aside from nursing, Henry, Ada and I have been going on daily walks despite the cold weather. It’s been nice to get outside and do something active. I have yet to start working out again but definitely feel my body slowly resuming it’s previous state.

Our outings have been pretty limited, but we’ve been out to the grocery store, to the hospital and to the Wellington for breakfast. Henry is pretty easy and just sleeps!

Eating breakfast at the Wellington – the local greasy spoon

Shopping at the grocery store
Yoda – Blake’s pumpkin

In other news, for Halloween, Blake was quite excited to hand out candy and bought 30 Kinder Eggs and dressed up as Hans Solo, with Ada as Chewbaka. He even carved a pumpkin as Yoda! Henry dressed up as Santa, a costumed picked out just for him by our neighbours Hunter (6) and Brooks (3).  Unfortunately, we only had a total of 6 trick-or-treaters! Needless to say, we have lots of chocolate left over!

Hans Solo & Chewbaka
The neighbourhood crew
Henry in his pumpkin hat 

Our little Santa/pumpkin!
A Sioux Lookout Halloween!
At our friend’s Halloween party – Henry slept like a log the entire time!
Still alive?!
Hans Solo, Chewbaka and Santa

I also took Henry to my colleagues at the prenatal clinic that I work in at the hospital. At 9 days, he weighed 7lbs 10oz, up from his birthweight of 6lbs 14oz! He’s definitely getting chubbier by the day and now has a double chin 🙂

Look at those wrinkly knees!

Being home so much has really allowed me to fully appreciate living here in this beautiful spot. Being awake at all hours has allowed us to witness some spectacular sunrises, sunsets, and one night, we even saw the Northern Lights! I never get tired of nursing Henry while looking out the window, watching the changing sky, the pines blowing in the wind, the snow falling and the waves rolling up onto the beach. We truly are so lucky to live here.

Henry modelling the cardigan that Leah (my sister) knit

Ada giving Henry some love!
Very serious

We are also well loved and supported by our friends here. Over the past week and a half, we have been surrounded by fantastic friends who have dropped by for a cuddle or have invited us out for a break. Although we have only lived here for a few short months, already we feel so welcomed into a community of wonderful, generous people. I feel so happy that we’ve chosen Sioux Lookout to begin our family.

All snuggled up after Henry’s first bath
Look at that red hair!

All in all, life is pretty good here on Abram Lake!

Ada and Henry having a snooze

Ada and Henry snuggling in bed

Best buds!

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