Christmas on Abram Lake

Yesterday, as I wrapped Henry up in a towel after his bath, he flopped his arms around my neck and started patting my back. We embraced in silence for a few seconds, cheek to cheek before he let go and zoomed out the bathroom at his usual full-tilt speed. I smiled and thought, how luck am I to experience these heart-melting moments? Of course, that was after I had cleaned the floor of his pee no fewer than five times that day (thanks potty training), had already cooked two slow-cooker meals and had tackled the mounds of laundry that never seem to disappear…! Such is motherhood 🙂

Here are a few pictures from our Christmas (I know I’m SO SO behind!) and winter fun in Sioux Lookout!

Lounging around on Christmas Morning. I was on-call for obstetrics but had a few hours at home with everyone before having to go in to see patients. 
Henry and I reading on Christmas Morning, waiting for everyone to get up!

Blake and his awesome new goggles from his mom!

Opening gifts around the tree!

Our attempt at a family picture 🙂

Blake and his t-shirt from his brother, Darren

Uncle Johnny opening his sweet mocs from Meghan

The babies and I on Christmas morning
Opening more gifts!

Henry loved opening gifts. He kept yelling ‘RIP IT!!!’, as he tore into the presents. 

Just chilling out by the tree

Our sweet family!

Tuckered out after opening presents all morning!
Out for a winter walk!
Henry has graduated from his ski run beside our house, to our neighbour’s longer and bigger hill that goes right out to the lake. Blake runs him up and down the hill over and over. Henry just loves it and never wants to go inside!

A gorgeous Sioux Lookout late afternoon!
After a huge dump of snow over the Christmas break, our neighbour ploughed this MASSIVE hill beside his house, which Henry, of course, wanted to ski off of…!
I snapped this picture because I thought it was so hilarious – Henry found his ski pass from his Big White ski adventure last year, and subsequently carried around everywhere and even fed ‘Henry’ his peas! HAhaha what a funny kid

Henry and Ada. Ada is such a great dog. Here is Henry sharing his cars with Ada. He often climbs into her bed saying, “Henry sit near Ada?”. So cute. 

Snuggling with his fleece by the fire after a long day of fun 🙂
Heading on the road for a week-long trip to Southern Ontario over New Years to see our families. We drove 4.5hrs to Thunder Bay, then flew 2hrs to Toronto. My parents picked us up at the airport and drove us to Blake’s parent’s condo. It was so generous and helpful and we are thankful that we have two sets of awesome grandparents for Henry & Alice!
Henry waiting for our baggage at Porter with his fleece. 

After a long day of travel. Everyone was tuckered out. 

The next morning, we left Toronto and drove 3 hrs to Kingston to see Blake’s family. 

The kids did great. Much better than Blake and I as we kept complaining about Southern Ontario traffic hahah
Guess who this is!? We watched some pretty hilarious footage of Blake’s family when he was a little one. Henry certainly looks a lot like Blake did when he was small. Complete with the thumb sucking!  

Henry and Ava colouring. Henry had such a great time with his cousin at Blake’s parents house. We were so happy to be able to catch up with everyone. 

Henry, Alice & Ava having breakfast together. 
Aw! These cuties all in the bath together!
Henry took quite a liking to Ava’s doll. He really was keen to take care of her, change her diaper and carry her around.

Opening all of the generous Christmas presents at Blake’s parents house in Kingston
Alice & Ava

So many presents!

Alice in her Christmas dress from her Nana!

New Year’s Eve dinner!

Alice in the highchair that her great-grandfather used as a baby. Very special!

Having breakfast with our friends, Liza & Chris and their two kids. It actually went really well considering we had four kids under four! 
Henry in heaven at the local ski shop in Kingston.

Snuggling with Dad-Dad, watching the Juniors Hockey game
After our visit in Kingston, we went to Toronto for a day. Here we are at the Rogers Centre. Henry was SO amazed that this was where the Blue Jays played. We also took the kids to the Aquarium which was a big hit ( I didn’t have my phone with me so I don’t have any pictures). Blake and I enjoyed it just as much as the kids. It was an awesome place to visit. We also got to spend the evening with our dear friends Emily and Nick, as well as their newborn George. I didn’t take any pictures because our visit was awesome and VERY CHAOTIC! Hahah our kids were all over the place lol. 
After our ‘layover’ in Toronto, we carried onto Dundas for a few days to see my side of the family. We had a large family gathering at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington which was lovely. My sister, her kids, Meghan and my uncle Harry, my parents and my nana were all there!

Rosie entertaining Henry so well while we waited for our meals.

The main attraction at the Royal Botanical Gardens was this amazing model train exhibit which was made all from various plants. The kids were crazy for all of the trains. It was really neat. 

Henry and my Nana at her condo in Dundas

Alice and Grandpa

Poor Nana -we took over her condo. She was so gracious about the kid take-over of her space. Here are Blake and my Dad setting up this crazy Hotwheels jump for Henry that literally shot the cars across the living room!!
After our visit in Dundas, we flew home to Thunder Bay and stayed over for the night there. We had packed the car ahead of time to go skiing before we hit the road home to Sioux Lookout, but the temperatures were fridgid (-35deg) and so we unfortunately couldn’t hit the slopes. Instead, Blake and Henry chilled out in the hot tub while Alice napped, then we ran errands in Thunder Bay, and of course, went to the Ski Haus (the best ski shop in Thunder Bay). 

Henry at the Ski Haus where he did interviews and autograph signings (hahah kidding).

On the plane ride from Toronto to Thunder Bay
Back at home in Sioux Lookout, we had had SO much snow! Henry was loving it!

A happy camper just playing around and eating snow 🙂
Alice hanging out, as usual!
I crept in to take this picture because Henry and Alice were being so sweet and were playing together! 

My sweet Henry after the bath in his toga 🙂
Blurry, but here is Henry and Blake skiing at our neighbour’s house. I was trying to capture how Blake pulls Henry up the hill (with a flat rake!).

Helping Dad-Dad built a jump

These two!
I was actually off call for once on a Saturday and got to go for a blissful ski all by myself!!

Alice and I enjoying a bright sunny winter day!
At the Dryden ski hill where we spent one Saturday morning skiing with Henry

I love this picture. So cute!

Henry ready to shred on the Dryden ski hill!

A Rossi family. The very kind woman at the concession booth at the ski hill took Alice for awhile so that I could go for a few runs with Henry and Blake. It was awesome! So fun!

Fuelling up between runs 🙂

Sweet Alice. Always so happy. Hanging out at the ski hill lodge while Henry and Blake did a few runs. 

At the grocery store in Dryden before heading home
A beauty Sioux Lookout sunset from our property

Henry and his daycare friends and teacher at the local outdoor rink. I think I’m going to have to get Henry some skates pretty soon!

The usual bedtime routine. Henry told me to “drink my juice”! haha 

Party time when Blake is away!! Here we are having fun in the bath. Blake is off skiing with friends in BC. We will be joining him in February. He will be away for 2.5weeks until we see him again!

Alice and I in her new jacket – an early birthday present from Auntie Karla and baby Sailor. 

Poor Henry. His skis are with Blake as he had to drive out with all of our gear. So instead of skiing, he decided he would just be content with running up and down the hill! Hahah so easily entertained!
Happy Alice in the stroller!
I was trying to get a ’10 months’ photo, but it is increasingly difficult to get Alice to sit still and to hold the card upright!
Haha Mom! I’m not going to cooperate for your ridiculous photoshoot!
The best I could do for this 10 month-old cutie

Henry is getting so big! He’s such a great kid. I love him to bits (obviously). Here he is, quietly playing by himself in his room. 
Day #1 of potty training (in earnest)! It took a lot to convince him to wear underwear, but we’ve got to start somewhere!

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