January Fun

After a busy week working through Christmas, I had the joy of being home for a week for New Years. Blake, Henry and I stayed put for most of the week to relax at home. It was nice just to be able to hang out with Henry and do day-to-day things with him.

Minus 30 temperatures aren’t slowing us down!

At the library, just after Christmas

Henry’s puppet show πŸ™‚

Henry’s favourite new place to play – in the shower!

Henry on my back…

… baby on board on the front!

Henry has taken on a new interest in ‘helping’ me with household chores

He loves to mop…

…and sweep!

He is also obsessed with the laundry machine and dryer.
He spends quite a lot of time pressing the buttons and opening and closing the door!

With my friend Lianne and her little guy Simon


Concentrating on his puzzle

Playing at the ‘Hub

At the library with Auntie Meghan

What a goofball

Giving Meghan kissesΒ 

For New Years, we flew to Toronto for the weekend to celebrate our dear friends’ Emily & Nick’s wedding. Henry stayed with Mom and Dad at Mom’s condo in Toronto, which gave Blake and I a bit of a break. We even went out for dinner, all alone! The wedding itself was lots of fun. Blake and I haven’t been out in quite awhile, so Blake took full advantage and suffered quite a bit the next day πŸ™‚ I on the other hand, had been drinking water all night, so I felt great the day after when we headed over to Dundas to visit my Nana.

It was a quick visit down South, then it was back to work for me!

Here are a few pictures from our snowy January adventures.

Henry reading the safety card prior to departure

With the beautiful bride!
With Emily & Nick!

Too bad we didn’t get a ‘before’ shot while we were still looking put together!
This is at 2am and Blake has had just a bit to drink πŸ™‚

At Nana’s in Dundas playing with the Ark – a toy that has been through many generations of kids

Snoozing in the car on the way home to Toronto

Blake and I flew to Thunder Bay and before hitting the road, we stopped at our favourite diner for lunch.
Henry kept himself busy by organizing the packages of jam and PB πŸ™‚

Woohoo! At Home Depot!

Back at home, we celebrated Blake’s birthday

Henry got his first haircut!

Henry skiing!

Going for a walk in the sled, ski boots at all

Henry ‘helping’ me unload the diswasher

What a rascal!

Going for a ride on the sled with Uncle Johnny

Uncle John goes WAY faster than Mom!

At the Hub

Henry giving his baby a bottle at the Hub

Snowy landscape from our front yard

Winter baby

Baby bump in front and baby on my back

Our house from the lake

Early morning! Henry is getting used to sitting on my bump!

Auntie Meghan and Ada on the lake

Going for a walk, pulling Henry in the chariot and showing off the bump πŸ™‚

Playing with Auntie Meghan on the swing

Waking up from a nap

Henry snuggling his ‘fleece’
At work, on the Labour and Delivery floor. One of the perks is snuggling newborns while doing paperwork πŸ™‚

This was after being on-call for 72hours for deliveries. I was pretty tired out and Henry ‘hid’ my pager in his Mega Block cart so that I wouldn’t have to answer any more pages πŸ™‚

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