Beach season has begun!

When our 4 year-old neighbour, Brooks, decides it’s warm enough to run around bare-bottomed, you know beach season has begun! This past week, we have enjoyed some fabulous weather. After doing a few days of obstetrical call,  Blake headed off to Thunder Bay for the rest of the week to work on his properties while Ada, Henry and I held down the fort. We have had a wonderful week with friends enjoying the sun, the beach and the outdoors. We have had our first beach party pot-luck, multiple bike rides to the corner store for ice cream and the kids have even braved the water for a skinny dip even with the ice still in! Henry had his first beach day and dipped his feet in the sand, which he loved. He then immediately tried to eat two handfuls of sand… I’m sure this will be a never ending battle for the next few months 🙂

I’m so excited for the upcoming summer. As the ice breaks up and the lake opens up, each day of warm weather brings us closer to being able to swim, sail, canoe and play in the sand.

Here are a few pictures of our recent sunny day adventures. 
At the Sioux Lookout Public Library

This was two weeks ago, just a week before his six month birthday, he started doing ‘planks’ in desperation to try to get moving forward!

Saying goodbye to the last of the snow

After party. My crib. Two am. Seriously, this guy is a party animal 🙂 As I was putting laundry away nearby, he pulled himself up to standing from sitting in his crib! Time to lower the mattress! 

This is what happens when your husband is in charge and you’re at work

And this too. 

I walked in the door one day after a long day at work, and all of the boys are over making dinner!

Brooks and Hunter getting ready for their sleepover at our place. They insisted on sleeping with Blake, but they both ended up in our room, with Blake and I in the spare room 🙂

What cutie pies! 6am wake up for Brooks, Hunter & Henry!
Henry loves yoga! 

He just played on the mat and laughed at Cat and I 🙂

Yogaglo + baby + Ada = an interesting but not quite relaxing yoga session!


First taste of strawberries… success!

Avocado and oranges… Still thinking about it!

Fruit, yogurt & peanut butter smoothie… YES!
A family bike ride with Brooks & Hunter in the trailer

Picnic lunch in the sun with Karla, Keith and the boys

Such a nice day!

Biking with Henry to the corner store to get ice cream


At Cedar Bay for an afternoon stroll

I ventured out with Brooks, Hunter, Henry and Ada on my own to bike to the store! Surprisingly, there were no tears nor casualties 🙂

Sweet little boys!
Having coffee with Auntie Meg at Roy Lane

Taking the kids to see the horses at Cedar Bay

Loving his carrot which eventually ended up being fed to the horses 🙂

So many chins buddy!
Desperate to get to Ada

Best buds

Almost crawling!

Hoping he’ll like rugby as much as his Mama did! Sporting the All Blacks jersey from New Zealand, sent by Graham and Lou!

Blake was away this week, so look who took over his spot on the bed 🙂

Such a sweetie

Stoked about the hand-me-down exersaucer
Relaxing in the hammock with Auntie Cat – Mom, don’t worry, we put a hat on him right away 🙂

First beach day!

Picnic on the deck

First neighbourhood beach party

You’re only a true northern kid when you swim or stand-up-paddleboard when there is still ice in the water…

Love the beach!

BBQ/potluck night!

All the kids going for a ride in lawn tractor!

Yay for summer!

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