Home Sweet Home

My Sorel boots crunch through the crust as I plod along the snowmobile track. I push my hair away from my eyes in an act of futility while the cool wind whips across the expanse of Abram Lake. It is dusk and the long light that trails sundown evokes a calm on the wintery scene. Henry slumbers lightly, rosy-cheeked and pouty-lipped, cuddled close to my chest in the baby carrier. The horizon of characteristic boreal forest stretches out in front of us – tall pines contrasting the white of the snow. A small twelve-seater plane buzzes above in the distance.

Out of the quiet, I hear muffled yelling on the shoreline a hundred meters away. I turn to see our neighbour, sock-footed on his deck, arms waving as if to guide the Bearskin flight above to safe landing. “Welcome home!”, he exclaims before giving one last wave and ducking back into the warmth.

I grin. Home. We are home.

Walking on the ice on Abram Lake
In the chariot for a walk
Ada helping Brooks & Hunter (our neighbours) fish
Chillin’ with Karla
The boys enjoying a bright sunny day on the lake

Happy to be reunited with Brooks, Hunter & Karla
Henry! How have you grown so much! The hat that Cat knitted him is so tight!

Three time changes, a hotel, an overnight with friends in Calgary, a flight and a long car ride and we are back in Sioux Lookout. From Revelstoke, to Banff, to Calgary, to Winnipeg, we have hopscotched across the country once again.

Gypsy travels. This Honda and trailer have made it across the country so many times!

Our past two weeks in Revelstoke were of mixed emotions. The warm weather had plagued the ski hill and had virtually ended Blake’s mountain ski adventures. We had filled our days with an overnight trip to Nelson, visits with local friends and swims in the resort pool. On our way out of town, the trailer packed to the brim with baby and ski gear, Blake wistfully said to me, “I feel like I am leaving a fancy restaurant hungry, and the McDonalds is closed”. He then promptly began discussing our trip West for next ski season 🙂

Jolly Jumping

Love these two so much!

Licked by Summit – our friends’ dog!

Feats of strength!

Looking pretty posh for a night out on the town in Revelstoke
With our friend Gorin in Revy
Cuteness overload! Henry with Ever during our visit with friends Quinn & Zoe in Salmon Arm.

Taking the ferry over to Nakusp and then on to Nelson

Never too young to learn how to drive with Dad, right?!

On the ferry

Eating lunch while people-watching in downtown Nelson 
Caving at the Ainsworth Hot Springs

Loves the water!

For me, the mourning of the end of our time in Revelstoke wasn’t so much about the skiing, but more about the fact that soon, I would have to turn on my pager and dig out my stethoscope. Yet another big transition, one that Henry will fare much than I in getting through. Even now as I write this, I feel a sinking feeling deep inside knowing that come Monday, my sole focus will no longer be caring for my adorable, chubby child.

Morning playtime

Adding to my sorrow was the fact that for the past two weeks, Henry has gone on a nursing strike. I thought perhaps it would be a phase, but he consistently arches his back, braces his arms against my chest, turns his head and yells in defiance every time I try to breastfeed him. I now mourn the end of this part of our relationship as I strap on the pump and wash endless bottles and pump parts. It’s as if he somehow knows that I will no longer be completely available to him. And so I mourn the loss of my tiny baby and adapt to this independent, insatiable little man who would prefer to take in the world around him rather than stare at my chest.

Back when he used to nurse, with Ada always by our side

Back at home, we have (mostly) unpacked and begun to settle in. Henry has now graduated to his big crib and has been so good throughout the move. Although it has been a bit rocky on the sleep front, I marvel at how well he has done over the past week with the long car rides, sleeping in hotels and generally being hauled around the country. I know I shouldn’t spend too much time blowing my horn about Henry, but seriously he has been so easy going throughout all of this change. He even slept the whole entire flight from Calgary to Winnipeg (although that was AFTER he had a MASSIVE poop explosion during takeoff! The poor 20-something beside me, I’m sure, was trying not to gag while Henry, his blanket and myself were covered in poop. It felt like EONS before the seatbelt sign was switched off and Henry and I could bee-line it to the bathroom!).

So into toes these days!

In the sweater that my very talented sister, Leah knit for him

Ok enough pictures already!

I can’t thank all of you who have taken the time to follow our adventures during my maternity leave. Your love and support, from East to West, has really been fantastic. I will definitely be doing my best to keep the blog going as I return to ‘real life’.

Thanks again for reading!

One Comment on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Oh man!!!! I can't believe how Henry has gone from a baby to a little guy. He's so, so cute. Also hard to think of you all the way across the country but glad that you made it safely and are settling into \”home\”. Looking forward to next season in Revy. Not really but will be good to see you 3 again. Debbie


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